Da Vinci Mods presents The smallest bottom feeder box in the world!! Medusa Size: 75 x 26 x 50 mm 8 ml phial 18650 Battery Numbered limited edition box with laser engraving Supplied also with chip evolv DNA 40 large screen, Aulus 50 watt Suggested retail price € 415.00

F3 Box Bottom Feeder

Da Vinci Mods presents F3 Bottom Feeder Box   Stabilized wood and resin With 12 ml phial super soft Size: 86 x 50 x 26 mm evolv DNA 40 chip, large screen Suggested retail price € 375.00


Da Vinci Mods presents Monnalisa !! Stabilized wood and resin battery box with iyhi sx mini j v2 75 watt chip Suggested retail price € 415.00